MLCDC Helping Latino Families to Build a More Promising Financial Future

Emilio immigrated to the United States 15 years ago and married an American woman. They had one child together before Emilio’s wife left the family. Emilio worked for a company for 10 years, bought a house, and raised his child as a single father. Throughout this time, Emilio’s his favorite hobby was working on cars, and eventually he began to dream that one day he could become a mechanic and open his own shop.

Emilio came to Midlands Latino Community Development Corporation with this dream. MLCDC helped him prepare a business plan and provided other advice about owning and operating a business in Nebraska. Like most people carefully nurturing a dream, Emilio kept his day job while he slowly gathered the things he needed. He found a location and secured enough tools to serve a few customers on the side.

Emilio secured a micro-loan to purchase additional tools for his shop. Emilio quitted his day job and became a full-time mechanic. His business has been steady, so he has hired his brother on as a second employee. By working with MLCDC, he has also been able to clear up his credit history with the hope of one day being able to secure commercial credit if needed.

Emilio has enrolled at Metropolitan Community College to work toward an engineering degree. Emilio is currently working with MLCDC to adjust his business plan and lay the groundwork to hire a third employee. The name of this client has been changed to protect his privacy.

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